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To get simplified form of a mixed number, enter the whole number, numerator, and the denominator in the given calculator & click 'Calculate'..

Add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide your mixed with this mixed numbers calculator. Yes, this mixed number calculator performs maths quickly and displays all absolute results in moments. With that, you can get step-by-step calculations that help you to understand how fractions have been reduced.

What Is a Mixed Number? 

‘It is a combined representation of a whole number and a proper fraction’

Whether you have complex mixed fractions or partial proper fractions with partial whole integers, our mixed fraction calculator can instantly reduce them to the most simplified notation without any human intervention.

Mixed Numbers Arithmetics:

Mixed Number To Improper Fraction Conversion:

This is the first rule for solving mixed numbers in mathematics. To convert, follow the lead:

  • Multiply the denominator of the mixed fraction with the whole number
  • Now add the result in the original numerator
  • In the end, rewrite the improper fraction by placing the addition answer as a new numerator over the original denominator

When you enter fractions in our mixed numbers calculator, it automatically turns them into improper forms and simplifies them according to math rules.

Let’s apply arithmetic operations to mixed fractions!

How To Add Mixed Fractions?

1 4/5 + 2 3/6

Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions:

1 4/5 + 2 3/6

= 9/5 + 15/6

Now adding mixed fractions given:

a/b + c/d = (ad + bc) / bd

= 9/5 + 15/6

= (54+75)/30

= 129/30

This is the required answer that you can also verify with the adding mixed fractions calculator.

How to Subtract Mixed Numbers?

Consider the same fractions:

9/5 + 15/6

Using the expression for subtracting mixed numbers:

a/b - c/d = (ad - bc) / bd

= (54-75)/30

= -21/30

Dividing both numbers by 3, we get;

= -7/10

How To Divide Mixed Fractions?

Dividing mixed fractions becomes so fast if you do it with our unbeatable mixed fractions calculator. However, if your goal is to simplify by hand, we prefer going through the following example:

2 8/3 ÷ 1 2/3

= 14/3 х 5/3

= 14/3 х 3/5

= 42/15

Guide To Use Our Mixed Number Calculator:

Let us guide you on how you can use the tool!

What You Need To Do?

  • Enter the whole numbers, numerator, and denominators for both mixed numbers
  • Select the arithmetic operator
  • Tap Calculate

What Will You Get?

  • Simplified result
  • Steps shown
  • Visual depiction

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is 2.5 As a Mixed Number?

The equivalent mixed number of 2.5 is 2 ½ which can also be verified with the mixed number calculator.


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