Fraction to Ratio Calculator

Enter a fraction (or mixed number) in this calculator below and tap ‘Calculate’ to get an equivalent ratio form.


This fraction to ratio calculator is an advanced arithmetic tool that can help you to:

  • Convert mixed numbers or fractions to ratios
  • Get complete calculations involved

How To Convert Fraction to Ratio? 

There are two steps to convert fractions to ratios:

Step # 01: Reduce the Given Fraction

  • If you have a fraction, move to point 3. If you have a mixed number, you need to first convert it to an improper fraction
  • Find the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) and divide both the numerator and the denominator with it to get the lowest form of a fraction

Step # 02: Rewrite the Fraction as Ratio

To do this:

  • Write the top number (Numerator)
  • Input a colon sign (:)
  • Write the bottom number (Denominator)


Let’s say we have the fraction as 65/35!

Step # 01: Reducing the given fraction to the lowest form

GCF of 65 & 35 is 5. So we have:

65/35 = 13/7

Step # 02: converting fraction to ratio

13/7 = 13:7

Which is the required answer.

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What Is 3 4 as a Ratio?

3/4 is equal to 3:4, as the fraction is already in the lowest possible form. However, to get steps in conversion, our fraction to ratio calculator might be a handy approach for you every single time.

Can We Write Ratio as Fraction?

Yes, you can! A general ratio in the form of a:b can be written as a/b. However, the ratio to fraction calculator is another tool that helps you to convert ratio numbers to equivalent fractional form, with all the work shown.