Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Calculator

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The given improper fractions to mixed number calculator converts an improper fraction to a mixed (whole number) fraction. Changing improper fractions to mixed numbers is simple and fast while 

How to Convert Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers?

For converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, follow the steps below: 

  • Divide the numerator by the denominator of the improper fraction 
  • The remainder is the new numerator
  • The quotient is the whole number 
  • The divisor is the whole number 


Convert 9/5 into the mixed number:
To convert improper fractions 9/5 to mixed numbers, follow the procedure:

  • Divide the numerator 5 by the denominator 9 of the improper fraction 
  • The remainder 4 is the new numerator
  • The quotient is 1
  • The divisor is 5
  • The mixed number is 5(¼).

Improper to Mixed Number Table:


Improper Fraction Mixed Number
7/4 1 (3/4)
5/3 1 (2/3)
11/2 5 (1/2)
9/2 4 (1/2)
7/2 3 (1/2)
33/2 16 (1/2)
13/4 3 (1/4)
50/3 12 (2/3)
15/2 7 (1/2)
17/5 3 (2/5)


Is It Always Possible to Convert an Improper Fraction to a Mixed Number?

Yes, it is always converting an improper fraction into a mixed fraction number.

What If the Improper Fraction is Negative?

If the improper fraction is a negative, then the mixed number will also be a negative. 

Can You Convert a Mixed Number Back to an Improper Fraction?

The procedure is given by:

  • Multiply the numerator of the mixed number by the whole number
  • Add the result with the numerator 
  • A mixed number would become an improper fraction.